Soul spa concepts is a dynamic wellness and spa company, creating iconic soulful one off spas for the modern consumer.

Souls spas are geared to the Serene & Soulful to the Glamour & Glitz and to the Fit & Fabulous.

Each moment spent in a soul spa will stimulate your buzz, revitalize your bubbles + re-connect  the body + soul.

Our designs play with stimulating vivid colors, playful scents, imaginative sounds, energizing light always  highlighting local architectural details and design.

Daniella Russell – Spa Development & Operations Director

DaniellaDaniella is widely recognised as a spa and wellness industry pioneer, innovator and expert. She founded dR Global  in Year 2010 and consults across the sector in conceptual development, retail and distribution, operational management and strategic planning. Her specialty is for development and operations within the Middle Eastern region and bridging the gap between the international spa world and building cultural awareness for spa and wellness evolution.

Prior to dR- Global she founded and developed Spa Resources International LLC (SRI), creating a one stop shop for spa development; comprising of internal divisions of distribution and training,  recruitment and HR, new concepts, project and operational development. A natural progression was to identify the training needs and development of exceptional spa education and the opening of The Academy of Spa Management and Cosmetology (previously known as CBI).

Daniella’s debut to the Middle East was in 1997 when she joined the Wafi Group (part of MKM Commercial Holdings) when she became involved in the design, initial operations, staff recruitment,development and overall management of the Cleopatra’s Spa, Pharaohs’ Club and Hair@Pyramids.

She is also a certified teacher in holistic therapies and a practitioner of pre- and post-treatments for plastic surgery.  Amongst her many achievements, Daniella has managed to run her own holistic center in UK.

In 1995, Daniella joined Chiva Som, the world renowned, dedicated Health Resort in HuaHin Thailand. She established their training operations and became the Director of Health & Leisure.

For the past 15 years, Daniella’s extensive knowledge of the spa industry, has led her to actively chair many international spa and wellness seminars in the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Asia, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Central Europe, Australia, Thailand, USA, Philippines and India amongst many locations.

Her projects led to extensive travel across the Middle East to consult in a variety of projects in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Mauritius, Africa,  Afghanistan, India, Russia, Pakistan and beyond.


Daniella Russell – Spa Development & Operations Director
Jacqui McCumiskey – Operations Director


Jacqui has over 35 years of experience in the Spa, Wellness and Beauty industry under her belt, 16 of

those here in the Middle East. During her career Jacqui has had the opportunity to gain valuable

experience in various divisions of the Spa and Beauty world, initially representing luxury French skincare

brands and niche perfumery houses in the UK for 8 years before her career steered her towards holistic

Health and Wellness and life onboard luxury cruise liners where she successfully managed large teams in

multiple and extremely fast paced spa, hair and fitness operations whilst travelling the world :Quote; an

experience I will never forget!. In 2000 Jacqui moved to the UAE where she continued to manage luxury

day spas before moving into corporate operations. Since then and for the last 7 years Jacqui has

provided spa consultancy services for design, development, set-up and operational support for various

new hotels, resort and standalone day spas in the Middle East.

With a keen eye for detail jacqui has a passion for operational set-up, making sure the flow is good in

both the front and back of house is vital for a smooth running operation. Getting the operation

procedures and standards water tight right from the start is key for both spa operators and ultimately

the guests end users.

Adding another dimension to Jacqui career Jacqui has also valuable experience in product distribution

training and procurement for spas which is a great support for spa development, set-up and on-going


Over the last two years Jacqui has been delighted to be part of the judging team in the Middle East &

Africa Spa Awards.


Jacqui McCumiskey – Operations Director

Maria-Luiza Serabian – Creative Director SB


Maria has always been an introspective and dreamy person. As a child, any pebble or any forest had a “secret story with magical characters and unexpected plots”. There is no surprise she has chosen the path to creative writing by exploring the wonderful world of cinema and television at the Faculty of Film (The National Univ. of Dramatic and Cinematographic Art, “I.L. Caragiale”, Bucharest – Audio-visual Communication). Her curiosity for the complexity of human nature and the impact of this “global village we all live in” made her gain a wealth of knowledge at a more scientific and research – based university in Denmark, where she obtained her Master of Arts in Culture, Communication and Globalization. All her studies have stimulated her creativity and helped her gain an international foundation and an eye for practical problem – solving and effective Advertising strategies and concepts. After 8 years of running Advertising campaigns, working for international brands from distinctive industries, she has embarked on this “Soul Journey”, having M. Pellegrini as her right – hand. If he is the “brains”, she is “the heart and spirit” of SoulBrothers Marketing team. Maria is the one that “injects life” in any spa concept by merging creativity with the adaptability needed for creating exceptional spa brands. She strongly believes in the enormous potential this industry has in bettering people’s hectic lifestyles and bad habits. And that is why every spa project is a personal challenge: a challenge to create its unique story and brand personality that resonates with its customers’ inner needs and wins their hearts. Truth be told, any spa brand Soulhouse & SoulBrothers create gives her meaning and satisfaction that, maybe, she can have a teeny contribution in helping people feel better about themselves.

Maria-Luiza Serabian – Creative Director SB

Serban Patrulius – Partner for Architecture and Interior Design


Serban is passionate about design and contemporary creations and has obtained his architectural diploma from the prestigious Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

Serban has a vast International experience gained as an active member at several prestigious architectural agencies in Germany, France (Ateliers Jean Nouvel), and Romania.  Working on several high profile International projects has helped him adopt a global perspective on design and an architectural style unique to him. Now, he runs his own agency in Bucharest that is a well-known player for the high quality and efficiency of its services.

In his opinion, the master planner must foresee the needs of a society to allow the project to live many lives and remain timeless.  He invests a lot of passion and seriousness into constantly guiding his clients to a sound solution and out of the labyrinth of obstacles (may it be technical, commercial, bureaucratic or other types). Serban’ s approach to architecture is holistic and pure, yet he seeks to ensure the quality and perfection of even the smallest detail.

Today, his agency is active in Europe and the Middle East, working not only on spa and hotel projects, but also on high density housing, private residences, concept stores and offices. The strategic partnership between Soul Spa Concepts and Serban grows stronger with every project as they have been collaborating together on a range of International spa projects.

Serban Patrulius – Partner for Architecture and Interior Design
Dr. Isabella Tausz – Advisory Doctor

isabellaDr Isabella is a medical doctor and health mentor, who specialises in root cause analysis and elimination for long term benefit, instead of merely dispensing quick-fix pharmaceuticals for symptomatic relief.

“It doesn’t matter what you call your disease. The label your doctor gives you is meaningless. What matters is what caused it.”

By optimising the body’s biochemistry, reducing toxin load and eliminating the pathogen soup inside us, Dr. Isabella is focused on sustainable wellness and real health transformation.

She has helped thousands of people reclaim their vitality and recover their mood, sleep, digestion, memory, sex life (or shall we write libido), skin, and all over health and fitness.

Dr Isabella sees our body as the most intelligent, complex system on earth, which can miraculously protect, repair and regenerate, given we replace the missing elements and eliminate toxins and pathogens.

She believes in educating and empowering her patients to be able to take control of their health.

She offers patients a customised blend of evidence-based medicine with targeted supplementation, nutritional counselling, relaxation techniques and bodywork, and helps you to achieve true health.

  • Dr. Isabella is residency trained and German Board certified in Family Medicine (2000)
  • Naturopathic Medicine (2002)
  • American Board certified in Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine (2011).
  • She has broadened her medical education in Cosmetic Dermatology (2004);

• Interactive Endocrinology; Interventional Age Management, Weight Management, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine (2010).

Dr. Isabella Tausz – Advisory Doctor

Dr John Brazier – Training Advisor

John Photo

Dr John Brazier ( founder of the  KORE system)  The KORE system uses a unique mixture of hands-on Western & Eastern medical diagnostic skills to be able to personalise therapies to clients needs ensuring that therapies are effective and have an immediate impact on the bodies recovery and power.

KORE therapy first focuses on the musculo-skeletal balance, allowing free & easy blood flow,  encouraging correct organ function,  energy flow and  improved neurological function throughout the body and brain.

For the past 30 years John has studied with masters all over the world, and believes ‘real’ successful holistic medicine is based on being able to diagnose & treat on all  levels of the mind & body.

John is an expert of functional medicine and its effects on your organs, emotions and illness’s, an honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, an Oriental medicine practitioner (Thai & Japanese) and a specialist in Western Musculo-Skeletal systems. 

He has enhanced his physical medicine modalities by training in psychology and personal development.

His outstanding therapy success around the world with the KORE system, working with  chronic conditions and pain where others have failed, along with  his wealth of clinical, athletic and corporate experience has placed him firmly as one of the worlds leading health practitioners, recognised award winning training provider, event speaker and health & well-being advisor.

Dr John Brazier – Training Advisor
Step 1 – Market Research, Feasibility, Spa Scheme & Concept.

For architects/designers:

Space planning.

For owners & operators:

A concept + design that reflects the market and answers  local  demand,  we push  a flexible design,  ensuring  functionality for today and adaptability for the tomorrow.

Step 2 – Design Guidance, Equipment & Accommodation

For architects/designers:

Assists the design process; maximizes the spa experience, and optimizes operational efficiency. The refinement of lighting schemes, M&E provision; finishes; accommodation of specialist equipment etc..


Step 3 – Sourcing Appropriate Spa Product Brands

For owners & operators:

Soul spa propose a short list of spa product brands that best represents the property’s market position & spa concept.


Step 4 – Operational Pre-Opening

For owners & operators:

Prepares the spa for operation: equipment & SOE schedules; operating concept; budgets; operating standards; operating manuals; staff structure & rota’s; job descriptions; recruitment & selection; service & treatment menus; spa programmes; pre-opening marketing; retail concept; guest information & promotional items; IT solutions.


Step 5 – Training Modules

For operators:

Ensures specific professional training of the new spa team commencing with the induction of the Spa Manager, followed by the Spa Team, according to tailored standards.


Step 6 – Early Operational Support & marketing

For operators:

Refines all operating standards during the formative weeks of operation.

Opening plan. A new spa must create immediate impact and demonstrate the unique values of the spa facility. Exceeding guest expectations is essential Soul spa can help with campaign planning  creating the  bUZZ + bLURR.


Step 7 - Ongoing management contracts

Soul spa considers each individual spa to be a partner, as opposed to the traditional concept of a spa operator. The difference is one that translates into exceptional added value. We become accountable, integrating your ultimate goals and long-term success into our own primary objectives, thus promising a mutually advantageous joint venture.

A hierarchy of ideas and skills are passed down from the highest levels of management to individual spa partners and every level of our operations. Years of experience and a wealth of knowledge have perfected our training methods to produce an unrivalled level of service, professionalism and skill which we incorporate into the day-to-day operations of each of our spas.


Offering 2 ready to roll brand spa solutions

Rythms House Spa

Every culture assigns its own meaning to water.

Water promises health and beauty along with the eternal fountain of youth. Water is a source and symbol for life for the rythms house.

The rythms house spa is a totally new Spa experience fusing east and west bathing traditions what’s old has become the new attitude, with a focus on “oneness with nature”.

The elements of sight, sound, smell, humidity and wind lead to a cool, efficient purifying experience.


Soul Spa

Soul spa brand it’s deep soul … chilled and charged, it’s daring, it’s about the doing, it’s about the dream.

Designed to be both a hub of excitement and an oasis of relaxation,  soul spa encourages guests to indulge in the featured state-of-the-art spa services and trendy food and beverage experiences. Each moment spent in a Soul spa will stimulate your buzz, revitalise your bubbles and re-connect  the body + soul.

Creation and Planning of pilates and wellness studios working with balanced body pilates

Offereing pilates and wellness set ups

Offering ready to roll pilates & wellness studios from layout and design for pilates , yoga, tai chi & meditation in a multifinctional space.

Offering training expertise and full staff set up as an option with qualified trainers from around the world .

Shiseido Spa, Bucharest, Romania

Overall  spa design concept

“A fusion of spa ambiance art and design”


The spa design is passionate design set against vivid colors, playful scents, imaginative sounds, and energizing lights, it’s dramatic and daring, and it’s set to play with your senses and touch your soul.

The Reception

The intention was to create a piece of traditional Japanese design wrapped up with a contemporary twist using lightness as the core. The oak wood retail display, textured iron worked into a structured reception desk, warm stone floors, and airy delicate sculpted chandeliers embrace this space. The immense cherry blossom artwork symbolises the nature of life.

The wet area:

A dramatic, theatrical effect takes you on a unique personal journey. The woodwork has been inspired by the Japanese traditional kumiko, a celebration of different weaving techniques, and the weave is present throughout the entire design, created to leave you cocooned in comfort. The strong colour combination of red and black evokes passion and energy. The symbolic Japanese cherry blossom artwork is striking and stunning off set against the woodwork and black slate walls.

The Treatment spaces

The design reflexes the desire to create hidden hideaway gems with unique Japanese accent colors of red, blue, violet, green, gold, black, and pink. The moment you enter this space, you feel you are absorbed into the ambiance, swallowed up into the cocooning effect of the wood weave. The heated stone floor and delicate silk fabrics add to this intimate space. The room is uncluttered leaving you free to leave your thoughts for a moment.

I.sawan club, Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok, Thailand

1,500 sqm meters of Spa and fitness bliss in the heart of Bangkok. Responsible for all pre opening-to-opening activities, took on the position of  General Manager

Concept – Embracing its mythical definition as the “fifth level of heaven”.

The Grande Spa, Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, Thailand

Worked with design consultants to create a true Thai spa concept. Responsible for all pre opening activities and carried on as General Manager.

Concept – A superior total wellness and relaxation center that skillfully combines the timeless wisdom of Thailand’s healing arts with the very best of contemporary spa treatments.

Gingseng bathouse Sydney, Australia

Conceptualised the renovation of the bathhouse Sydney into a more modern dimension.  Project is on going and will open this year.

Concept – To create  a contemporary bath house where people can receive the ultimate in Korean bathing experiences.

The Marquis club, Marriott hotel, Seoul, Korea

Acted as wellness consultant in the creation of the project. Worked with  the hotel and design team, responsible for the pre opening on to opening activities.

Concept – The Marquis Thermal Spa & Fitness Club, designed to be, the most amazing hotel health facility in Asia Complete Korean spa, fitness centre, squash, golf, scuba diving chamber and climbing wall.

The Celtic Retreat, at the Celtic Manor Resort, wales, England

Project secured with spa resources consulting.  Responsible for all design elements working hand in hand with designers.

Concept – To create a spa in a resort that was action-packed & laid-back, for family fun with something for everyone. To  offer the perfect family escape.

Sea Ham Hall Serenity Spa, Seaham Hall, Durham, England

Project secured with spa resources consulting. Responsible for all design elements.

Concept – To create a contemporary Asian Fused spa + wellness facility.

Buddha-bar spa, Hilton hotel, Evian-les-bains, France

In 2006 created the buddha-bar spa concept with Raymond Visan, liaised with investors, designers from Paris & created the first buddha-bar spa.

Concept – To create a temple of colour & fantasy.

All the roots of the buddha- bar spa evolved from Evian, France.

Buddhattiude spa Dakar, Senegal

Designed & worked with Senegalese architect’s and Paris designers to create this African inspired spa. The Buddhattiude spa sits next to the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Concept – African / Asian fusion contemporary spa

B/attitude spa, Grosvenor house, Dubai

The most amazing spa and wellness design, Worked with Designers Jesper Godsk, creative partner LW Design Group and Pia Sen, associate LW Design Group.

Concept – To create the most vibrating fashionable spa.

B/attitude spa, Beverly Hills Towers, Doha

Worked with Doha design team to create this one off Arabian spa experience.

Concept – A journey to tranquility, pleasure, luxury and the ultimate commitment to life. An unforgettable Arabian experience and a century old tradition of body care, combined with the latest technology &professional service.

Soul Pilates Studio, France

Soul Pilates is a Pilate’s hub where clients have the opportunities to learn, grow (spiritually, mentally, physically and intellectually) in a safe, enthusiastic, respectful, educated and honest environment so that we can all enjoy a healthier and more balanced life.

Effective practice of Pilate’s exercises requires:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Precision
  • Rhythm
  • Breathing

Helen leads the team of balanced body qualified instructors, teaching both mat + reformer classes based on the original exercises of Joseph Pilates.

Ongoing Projects
Royal Time hotel Dubai / Rhythms spa and wellness

Opening 2017

SQM 1000 SQM


Responsible for a branding concept to roll though into all Time properties worldwide

Soul Spa concepts has taken the project from architectural to interior design

Soul Spa will then roll into complete operations and set up.


Concept Rhythms spa

 A unique wellness facility, small but perfectly formed inspired by nature

Simple – uncomplicated elegance – with an  eclectic twist-

At one with nature, reflecting the earths energy going back to our roots with upbeat and down beat time, to release your stress, and embrace a more healthy lifestyle

Uniting water cleansing experiences from around the world integrating traditional Hamman, with bathing rituals in a unique  natural setting

The fitness facility using the latest functional training systems plus  Reformer Pilates and Ariel yoga.


Website :

Soul spa  partner architects and interior designers Patrulius si Asociatii S.R.L.

Grand Heritage Doha hotel and spa

La Rose de sables hamman and beauty studio.

Opening 2016

Sqm 800 SQM

Resonsible for the creation of concept,  architectural and space planning onto full interior design package rolling into full pre opening operations


To create a unique and luxurious new spa offering for Doha set in a natural cocooning  clean  uncluttered modern  design

A social hamman space where local ladies can spend time together In a private luxurious setting

Combining  an authentic Moroccan Hammam, with  bathing and scrubbing rituals



Soul spa  partner architects and interior designers Patrulius si Asociatii S.R.L.


SoulBrothers is Soul Spa Concepts’ little brother. That team that brings the Marketing support into the game or better said the one that holds the key answer to the question “I have a ready-to-go spa, what’s next?” Simply put, we give you a piece of brotherly advice on the best communication tactics you can use to bring to life and create a unique personality and a priceless voice for your spa brand. Then, we’ll passionately embark with you on the challenging adventure of minimizing the illusory gap between your spa brand and its potential customers. And this process is not an easy one, brother. It implies an extensive market research, a profound and humane knowledge of your target’s inner wishes, hopes and aspirations, but most of all an extremely creative and innovative approach when it comes to communicating, interacting and engaging with your target.

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Soul Essence


Soul  spa concepts offering concept design + ongoing spa management solutions for boutique hotels & independent spa + wellness facilities.

We deliver iconic commercially sound wellness facilities  that are intelligently researched, sustainable, and just keep on moving with time “effortless effort”

We’re savvy –  We are up-to-date, original and SOSPARATIONAL

We’re sound –  We are frank, detailed, discrete and honest

We’re sharp –  We love ideas and concepts that make people buzz

We’re soulful   We are passionate, playful and a group of highly motivated industry professionals

Contact Soul

You can contact us via mail or phone. We are always happy to chat and help you in any way we can.


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